Indian Sandstone Will Patios Transform Your Home

There are so many different types of patios to choose from, but we must admit, we have a huge fondness for a Sandstone patio. This is why we not only have a patio services page, we decided it was best to go into our use of Sandstone in greater detail.

At this point, Indian Sandstone Patios are all the rage, and there is a good chance this is the type of patio you desire at home. This is a great choice, and one we will be more than happy to install at your home. For now, we want to ensure you know as much as you can about this fantastic patio option, and we’re sure you’ll look forward to spending great days and evenings on your Sandstone patio.

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Why a Sandstone Patio?

Sandstone is a top pick for UK patios, and most of it comes from India. Why? It’s affordable, looks great, and offers a range of colours.

Where’s It From? Most UK patios feature sandstone from India.

Different Names, Same Stone: Some sellers give sandstone fancy names. But a unique name doesn’t always mean top quality. It’s essential to pick based on quality, not just the name.

How to Pick the Best: To test sandstone’s quality, you should gently rub it. If it crumbles and feels sandy, it might not be the best pick. Good sandstone has a strong ‘cement’ that binds it. This ‘cement’ gives it its colour and strength.

Choices Galore. Sandstone comes in many styles. Some common types are the 60 series and the 56 series.

Why is Sandstone So Popular? Sandstone became a hit because it was cheaper and just as stylish as local stones. With options from India, China, and Brazil, people had more affordable choices.

We know homeowners across the West of Scotland love Sandstone patios, and so do we. We think it looks fantastic, it stands up to changing weather conditions, and it provides excellent value for money. If you are interested in having a Sandstone Patio installed at your property, we are here to help you.

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Why Sandstone is a Top Choice for Scottish Patios

Here’s a breakdown of the advantages of choosing sandstone for a patio in a Scottish property:

Weather Resilience: Scotland’s weather can be unpredictable. Sandstone stands up well to rain, frost, and changing temperatures, making it a durable choice.

Natural Beauty: Sandstone’s earthy tones and unique patterns blend seamlessly with Scotland’s natural landscapes. Each slab is distinct, adding character to your property.

Non-Slip Surface: Given Scotland’s frequent rains, having a non-slip surface is crucial. Sandstone’s natural texture provides grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Easy Maintenance: Sandstone is simple to clean and doesn’t require frequent sealing. It can handle Scotland’s weather without demanding too much upkeep.

Versatility: Sandstone comes in various colours and finishes, allowing homeowners to choose a style that complements their property’s architecture and surroundings.

Eco-Friendly: As a natural material, sandstone has a lower carbon footprint compared to man-made alternatives. It’s a sustainable choice for the eco-conscious homeowner.

Cost-Effective: While sandstone offers a premium look, it’s often more affordable than other high-end patio materials. It provides both luxury and value.

Bradshaw Contracts Ltd’s Comprehensive Sandstone Patio Installation Process

While each project is unique, and we promise to provide you with a tailored service and solution, we have undertaken enough Sandstone patio installations to know there is a workflow. If you are looking for an experienced Glasgow patio installer, choose the company that has a clearly defined workflow, which you can see here.

Initial Consultation: The process begins with a face-to-face meeting with the homeowner. This is the time to understand your vision, design preferences, and budget constraints. It’s essential to establish clear communication lines to ensure the project aligns with the homeowner’s expectations.

Site Assessment: Our team visits the property for a hands-on evaluation. This involves understanding the terrain, noting any potential challenges, and taking precise measurements. This step ensures that the design and installation process takes on board the unique characteristics of your property.

Design Phase: Based on the insights gathered, our designers draft a detailed blueprint for the patio. This design incorporates your preferences, the property’s layout, and optimal aesthetics. Feedback is encouraged to refine the design further, and we’ll reach a decision together.

Material Selection: Sandstone is chosen for its quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. We source ethically and ensure the chosen sandstone complements the property’s overall look. Homeowners are presented with samples to make an informed choice.

Site Preparation: The designated area is cleared of any obstructions, including existing structures or plants. The ground is then levelled and compacted to provide a stable base for the sandstone slabs.

Foundation Laying: Depending on the soil type and drainage needs, an appropriate foundation is laid. This could be compacted gravel for better drainage or a concrete base for added stability. This foundation ensures the longevity and durability of the patio.

Sandstone Placement: With meticulous attention to detail, the sandstone slabs are laid out. Each sandstone patio slab is checked to ensure its level and fits seamlessly with its neighbours, creating a harmonious and smooth surface.

Grouting: Spaces between the sandstone slabs are filled with a high-quality grout. This not only secures the slabs in place but also prevents unwanted weed growth between them, ensuring a clean finish.

Sealing: To enhance the natural beauty of the sandstone and protect it from potential stains or weathering, a sealant can be applied. This step, while optional, can extend the life of the patio and maintain its pristine appearance, so it is one we recommend.

Final Inspection: Once the installation is complete, a thorough review is conducted with the homeowner. This ensures that every aspect of the project meets or exceeds their expectations and aligns with Bradshaw Contracts Ltd’s commitment to excellence.

Aftercare Advice: After the installation, you are provided with a guide on maintaining their new sandstone patio. This includes tips on cleaning, potential resealing intervals, and general upkeep to ensure the patio remains in top condition for years to come.

There are small and simple steps you can take to best maintain the condition of Sandstone patio slabs, and we are always happy to offer guidance on this matter.

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Glasgow Sandstone patio services you will love

For the best quality Sandstone patio services in Glasgow and beyond, Bradshaw Contracts LTD is here to transform your outdoor space. This includes the hugely popular Indian Sandstone option, which we are highly experienced with.

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